About Us

Our mission is to gather together Churches in New England, as ONE body of believers, and WORSHIP the ONE true God.

We want to facilitate families, youth groups, and churches in coming together to worship the Lord, through evenings of worship music designed to focus our attention on the praise, thanksgiving, and adoration of our Lord.

We believe the Bible has provided many examples of the body coming together for worship.

Throughout scripture, there are descriptions of men and women of faith worshiping the Lord through music.  Some of the most moving times of worship come when God's people join together and worship and the Holy Spirit is present in their midst. We hope to enable the larger body of Christ in New England to experience that worship of our awesome Lord - together!

We are a group of Christians who seek to serve New England with our gifts and talents for the encouragement of Christ's body and the glory of our Lord.

Each member of the band feels the desire to help lead others to worship, and this ministry is a way for us to give of our time and talents to serve the church.


For event contact and booking information, please email 1worship@1worship.org