Surrender - April 20, 2013

  • Posted on: 21 February 2013
  • By: 1worship

We get a lot of requests for 1worship events, and they are such an encouragement to our ministry.  God has blessed our ministry for the past 5 years and this spring we will be having our 8th event!  That being said, I know that it has been almost a year since we have had a night of worship, and I wanted to share where our hearts are at on that topic.

Our ministry is propelled by God and delivered through everyone who participates.  We have been given such great resources, like the website, blogs and other ways to connect with you all.  However, our mission is not to collect website hits or Facebook likes.  Since day one we have made ourselves available to God to serve in an area that we sensed there was a need- corporate worship among local churches.  We would love to have multiple events a year (and are not opposed to that), but we also believe that our worship should not be forced.  We worship in response to who God is and how He has revealed Himself to us.  As a worship leader I try to be sensitive to what God is teaching me and when 1worship feels the Holy Spirit moving we start planning!

This time around, and for the past year, I have had a desire/desperation to be in communion with the Holy Spirit more.  We, as Christians, have been given this great gift, an active agent known as the Holy Spirit, which is God's very breath living through us. (Acts 4:31)  Jesus himself acknowledged that the reason He had to die was so that we could receive this great gift! (John 16:7)  Couple that with the fact that I see a stark disconnect between the Christians of the first century church and myself, and it has created a longing in me to get my theology straight about this life indwelling part of the Trinity.

This is the heart that I have while approaching the next 1W event.  I wait in anticipation for God to reveal His truth and knowledge to all of us in the 1W community!