Change My Heart

  • Posted on: 27 October 2011
  • By: 1worship

Do you ever wonder why you worship?

I sometimes find myself in this mode of worship where it can become self-centered and conditional.  My worship can be based on my own happiness and comfort.  My worship can simply become a projection of how I am feeling at that moment.  There have been times where I’ve said to myself “I really don’t feel like worshipping”, because when life takes a turn for the worse, I would rather grab hold of the reigns and steer my way through the mire; anxious, nail-biting, and full of worry.  

Throughout the past year God has been tooling my mind around a word that you will probably see me write about more than once.  Perspective.  God give me a proper perspective of eternity!  I’ve been deceived into comparing who I am to the world around me rather than to the Creator of it all!  I’ve become self-righteous and prideful rather than humble and repentant.

Worship should not be a projection of feelings, but a response of our heart.  We worship because we are unworthy.  No matter what our lot in life, health, disease, wealth, poverty we are still unworthy to spend eternity with the King.  We are unworthy,  HE is worthy.

I wonder if we have become such a pleasure seeking society that it has affected how and why we worship.  For myself, I want to worship God because HE IS WORTHY!  I want to be able to fall to my knees in praise as I am being persecuted.  I want to emote joy in the face of trials.  I long for a relationship with the Almighty that does not depend on my own comfort, but on His unwavering righteousness.  Yet even in my unworthiness God sent His Son, whom He loves dearly, to pay my penalty so that I may be seen as worthy.  Abba Father!  I am chief among sinners!

There is nothing in this world more amazing than the fact that God Almighty calls Chris Lindberg His son.  His son!